Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Absent..yes for a while

So it has been a while since I layed the blog down....I went into a mini funk the past few days. Lets see... Max and I have been camping in the back yard, went to the Zoo, played Lego Star Wars, and just trying to keep busy since he is outta school. We have been checking out the Rabbit Hill by our house - huge water fountains for a few hours of fun! Zoey jumped right in like a champ and she loves the water. It has been nice that she is communicating a bit more...she listens pretty good - better than Max at times. We are all geared up for our trip to Chicago on Thursday - I am thinking about hooking the PS2 up in the car - that should keep Max quiet - but can I handle hours of Lego Star Wars shooting for hours on end? Well we are all sitting down for our movie selection of the day...I told Max we were going to watch a different movie every day this summer - today's feature presentation is Madagacar...

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