Tuesday, August 5, 2008

It's been awhile...

Geeze - am I slack or what? I haven't posted a blog in over a month and a half! We have been pretty busy this summer...Max has gone to a few camps, been doing a lot of backyard camping, swimming, went to Chicago, a mini-trip to Cedar Point, The Great Wolf Lodge, Delaware State Park Camping Trip, I got my first "ink", Zoey is running without looking behind into "the terrible two's", we have mastered both versions of Lego Star Wars, started Lego Indiana Jones...yeah it has been pretty packed - I am beat and looking forward to Max starting school next month!
I have also started my venture into the Ebay World - I got pretty lucky and sold a bunch of stuff right off the bat! If my wife would ever give me the "extra" time I need to do it like she promised I think I could do pretty well - I still have a bunch of stuff to sell!

Monday, June 23, 2008

Bonus Blog!!

Well - I have been working on my "Wrestling Project" of grabbing all the old VHS tapes and converting them to DVD. Today you are lucky to view a "Interview" I conducted back in 1997 - notice the horrible lighting, bad sound, wtf was I wearing? Well - this is all "pPre-Rockstar" days - I hope to post lots more videos - everyone always wants to see them! I apologize for the poor quality again but as I get to latter day in my career you will see the evolution of "The Rockstar" and the progression of better video production!

Jut a quick set up - this was taped in 1997 @ The International Ball Room in Atlanta, a few nights prior to our event - Marilyn Manson had busted up some mirrors in the back dressing rooms! Needless to say the building manager wasn't to excited about having a bunch of wrestlers in his building! Anyway - this is a horrible interview I conducted with 2 guys I still to this day have no idea who they were and a cameo appearance by former WCW wrestler Rocky King - "Little Richard" for you Freebirds fans out there!

At this point this was one of the last GAWA shows - myself and some of the guys were disgruntled with the way the promotion was being run - the horrible quality of the program (did you notice?) - we thought we could do better. Myself - I was about 2 years or so into the business - I was still "green" or "wet behind the ears" but I thought I knew everything! Well - as you will see in future clips - I didn't know everything but I sure had learned a lot in a short time!


Spiderwick Chronicles

Finally, The Spiderwick Chronicles is being released on DVD tomorrow! Sprites, Pixies, Goblins, Brownies oh my! This by ar has been Max's favorite "thing" in his years on the globe. I took him to see it back in Feb. - and he was hooked - I wonder how many times he'll watch it tomorrow? I guess Star Wars will be on the back burner for a bit!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Back From Chicago!

We really had a great time in Chicago - celebrated my grandmother's 88th Birthday, got to see my mom and dad, spent time with my brother and his wife, played Xbox with my nephews, met my new one - and came to the realization that I have no desire to ever live in a "big market" again! Don't get me wrong - I love Chicago and I will always be glad that I am from there - but I am complacent living in my 3 mile radius! For those of you that know me - I often gloat about the fact that I never really go more than 3 miles from my house. For some - I know that is sad and I might seem like an isolationist - we'll I am! I have a hard enough time dealing with the assholes in my 3 mile radius - I couldn't imagine dealing with more!
So when we got back in town we got to go to The Raconteurs show - Jack White from the White Stripes - my wife loved it - me not so much - well maybe the beers and Jack and Coke I did but - I was outta my 3 mile radius!
So far we have been enjoying the summer - Max and I camped out again last night. We have been busy going to the water fountains, playing in the sprinklers, jamming in Lego Star Wars!
Oh yeah - I fell off the wagon! For several years I have been a pretty heavy smoker a pack a day at least - I took Chantix and was able to quit for more than 100 days - well - one thing lead to another and I have found myself puffing down some Swisher Sweets - so once again I am back on the Chantix and once again look forward to not smelling like an ashtray!

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Absent..yes for a while

So it has been a while since I layed the blog down....I went into a mini funk the past few days. Lets see... Max and I have been camping in the back yard, went to the Zoo, played Lego Star Wars, and just trying to keep busy since he is outta school. We have been checking out the Rabbit Hill by our house - huge water fountains for a few hours of fun! Zoey jumped right in like a champ and she loves the water. It has been nice that she is communicating a bit more...she listens pretty good - better than Max at times. We are all geared up for our trip to Chicago on Thursday - I am thinking about hooking the PS2 up in the car - that should keep Max quiet - but can I handle hours of Lego Star Wars shooting for hours on end? Well we are all sitting down for our movie selection of the day...I told Max we were going to watch a different movie every day this summer - today's feature presentation is Madagacar...

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Camping Out

So our camp out night didn't go as planned - we had some friends stop over - had a few drinks and the camping night fell apart. Max is all snuggled in bed with Laura. Zoey is a tight in her crib, and me well I am blogging this from the tent in the backyard.
So my wife said she was going to take the kids to Cleveland for the day...I really hope she does - I could really use the break - I think we all could. I have a long list of things I want to get done tomorrow before passing out in the tent again around 4 - ahhh wouldnt that be the greatest!

Friday, May 23, 2008

Trust - What Does It Mean? A lost word?

Trust is a relationship of reliance. A trusted party is presumed to seek to fulfill policies, ethical codes, law and their previous promises. Trust does not need to involve belief in the good character, vices, or morals of the other party. Persons engaged in a criminal activity usually trust each other to some extent. Also trust does not need to include an action that you and the other party are mutually engaged in. Trust is a prediction of reliance on an action, based on what a party knows about the other party. Trust is a statement about what is otherwise unknown -- for example, because it is far away, cannot be verified, or is in the future.
How many people do you really trust? Are you trust full?
Don't get me wrong - do I trust our politicians, people on the road, people who seem to have alterior motives? No probably not.