Monday, June 23, 2008

Bonus Blog!!

Well - I have been working on my "Wrestling Project" of grabbing all the old VHS tapes and converting them to DVD. Today you are lucky to view a "Interview" I conducted back in 1997 - notice the horrible lighting, bad sound, wtf was I wearing? Well - this is all "pPre-Rockstar" days - I hope to post lots more videos - everyone always wants to see them! I apologize for the poor quality again but as I get to latter day in my career you will see the evolution of "The Rockstar" and the progression of better video production!

Jut a quick set up - this was taped in 1997 @ The International Ball Room in Atlanta, a few nights prior to our event - Marilyn Manson had busted up some mirrors in the back dressing rooms! Needless to say the building manager wasn't to excited about having a bunch of wrestlers in his building! Anyway - this is a horrible interview I conducted with 2 guys I still to this day have no idea who they were and a cameo appearance by former WCW wrestler Rocky King - "Little Richard" for you Freebirds fans out there!

At this point this was one of the last GAWA shows - myself and some of the guys were disgruntled with the way the promotion was being run - the horrible quality of the program (did you notice?) - we thought we could do better. Myself - I was about 2 years or so into the business - I was still "green" or "wet behind the ears" but I thought I knew everything! Well - as you will see in future clips - I didn't know everything but I sure had learned a lot in a short time!


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